Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sewing Project: Gingercake 3 Layer Clutch

Apparently I like sewing, who knew? I've done a few projects now, ranging from stuffed animals to diapers. I stumbled upon this pattern the other day and I figured I had to try it!

Blurry pic of the cover.
 From Gingercake's site: "I originally created this wallet for myself since I wanted to have a piece that I could keep in my bag or just bring the wallet alone. I loved the idea of layers to make this wallet multifunctional- wallet, zippered pouch and notebook. I have been using this wallet for months now and I love it! It has all that I need and I love the versatility of carrying it in my purse or just using it as a clutch."

6 Credit Card Slots

I am more or less a beginner, but I was able to figure my way around the pattern without much difficulty.

A couple slots for cash, cheque book, coupons, receipts...

This was my first time working with a zipper, and it was not as difficult as I expected. But, if you do want to make this pattern you have to be sure that your sewing machine has a zipper foot.

Zippered compartment.

One of my favourite features of this pattern is the notebook holder. The clutch holds a 5x7 spiral bound notebook. As someone who likes to take notes and make lists, I think this is awesome.

Notebook compartment, with a pocket on each side.

I am not really pleased with my fabric choices on this one. I really get overwhelmed when I go in the fabric store and see soooo much fabric at once.


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