Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's in my Diaper Bag: Ju-Ju-Be BFF packed for a 4 month old

I could go on and on about how much I love my Ju-Ju-Be Cobalt Blossoms BFF...but I will save that for another time. For now I will just show you what I have packed in my diaper bag. These pictures are almost two months old, so this is packed for a 4 month old, but I use virtually the same things for my now 6 month old.

 My beautiful Ju-Ju-Be Cobalt Blossoms BFF! It is stuffed.

In the outer pockets & attached to the bag I have:
  • Playtex Drop-In bottle
  • Formula stacker
  • Changing Pad (in the back pocket)
  • Ju-Ju-Be Pacipod in Sea Glass containing two pacifiers
  •  Purell hand sanitizer
  • Munchkin bags

 Unzipped. As you can see it is stuffed with JJB goodness.

I haven't gotten around to putting actual pictures of my daughter in the photo holders...

Inside with my Ju-Ju-Be Navy Berry Major (wallet) removed. The Large Cobalt Blossoms Be Set piece is now on top.

Large set piece removed. The medium set piece is now on top. Note: I no longer keep the medium set piece in the main compartment like this, I now keep it in the inner left side pocket, and the pacifier wipes are now in the right rear pocket with the hand/face wipes.

Be Major, medium & large Be Set pieces removed. Large Navy Berry Be Set piece inside.

All set pieces removed. This is what is left inside the BFF.

A close up of what is left in the main compartment. A prepared glass bottle of formula (for back up), a syringe with a premeasured dose of my daughter's medication and a nipple for the glass bottle.

Inside the large Navy Berry Be Set piece:
  • Wet bag
  • Change of clothes (these were 0-3 month size, we now have 3-6 month size in here)

What's inside the Large Cobalt Blossoms Be Set piece:
  • 5 Huggies diapers size 2 (at the time I took these photos we weren't yet using cloth diaper, I will do an updated post when I can!)
  • Package of disposable wipes
  • Small package of Sudocream 


Inside Medium Cobalt Blossoms Set piece:
  • Toys
  • Spare pacifier & pacifier tether

Medium Navy Berry Be Set piece (which was in inner right pocket):
  • 4 packages of formula
  • 2 extra nipples for Playtex drop ins
  • Extra liners for Playtex drop ins
  • Cobalt Blossoms Be Neat (bib & pouch) 
  • Orajel Naturals
  • Ziploc bags (for used/dirty nipples, pacifiers etc)
  • Pink bib

What was left in the main compartment & pockets:
  • Medication (syringe is empty at this time, but usually has one dose of my daughter's meds)
  • Glass bottle of formula
  • Nipple for formula
  • Johnsons & Johnsons hand & face wipes (right rear pocket)
  • 2 receiving blankets (left rear pocket)
  • 4 more packages Similac Advance formula powder (inner left side pocket)
  • Natural bamboo pacifier wipes (inner left side pocket)


Contents of the right & left rear zippered pockets (I could have fit much more in these pockets)
  • Aveeno baby sunscreen stick
  • Immunization/health records
  • Tums
  • Small package of gum

View of the mommy pocket.

Contents of the mommy pocket:
  • Hand creams
  • Felt pen
  • Lip glosses/chap sticks
  • Gum
  • Vitamins
  • Wisp Toothbrushes
  • Biore face wipes 
  • CoB small set piece, currently empty, will hold lady things when I have a need for those again.
  • Small Navy Berry Set piece which holds:
    • Anti bacterial wipes
    • Pill boxes & various meds
    • Elastic & bobby pin

The entire contents of my BFF!


  1. Thanks for the post and ideas! Found your blog via google diaper bag search!

  2. Thanks, Shellsea. I need to get around to posting some updated diaper bag packing pics now that my daughter is a bit older and I am carrying a different array of items :)

  3. hi there - i'm having trouble finding the "be set" bags in different sizes. i have only be able to find the "be quick" on the Ju-Ju-Be website. any insight?

  4. The Be Set has unfortunately been discontinued by Ju Ju Be. If you have your heart set on a Be Set there is a Ju Ju Be B/S/T group on facebook where you may find a used set pop up from time to time.