Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby on a Budget: Shoppers Drug Mart v.i.b. Program

Sorry, this one is for my Canadian friends only.

There are many different baby programs offered by different companies. These usually result in coupons or a package of samples. While this may seem insignificant to many, every little bit counts when you are trying to save up for baby.

Shopper's Drug Mart has a program called v.i.b. (very important baby). Anyone expectant mother (or mother with a child under 3 months) with a Shopper's Optimum card can sign up. Once you sign up you will receive a package. The site claims you will receive the package four weeks to three months after your due date.

When I initially signed up for the program I had a due date in December. I miscarried this pregnancy, but received the package about a week ago, so approximately 3 months before the due date I had entered. Luckily I am once again expecting and was quite pleased to receive my package in the mail.

Contents of the package.