TTC Abbreviations

There are tons of abbreviations used on trying to conceive & pregnancy boards. I had never anticipating catching on to them, but I have. So I thought I would compile a little list, so people who are not in the know can stay up to speed.

AF - Aunt Flow
BD - Baby Dance (sex)
BFN - Big Fat Negative
BFP - Big Fat Positive
CD - Cycle Day
CM - Cervical Mucous
D&C - Dilate and Curetage
DH - Dear Husband
DPO - Days Past Ovulation
DTD - Do the Deed (sex)
EDD - Estimated Due Date 
FS - Fertility Specialist
HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
LMP - Last Menstrual Period
MC - Miscarriage
MS - Morning Sickness
OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit

TTC - Trying to Conceive
TWW - Two week wait