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Robitussin is heralded by many as a miracle fertility aid. A quick Google search and you will find plenty of women claiming that Robitussin is what helped them get pregnant. A Globe and Mail article billed it as "a $5 bottle of hope."

How can Robitussin possibly help me get pregnant?

Robitussin's main ingredient, Guaifenesin, is used to thin mucus. It's intended use is to clear chest congestion (phlegm). Guaifenesin has the same effect on all types of bodily mucus, including cervical mucus.

In some cases, a woman might produce too much mucus or have too thick of mucus. In these cases it is believed that Robitussin may help thin out that mucus, allowing sperm to travel through the mucus and *hopefully* fertilize an egg.

What is role does cervical mucus play in conception?

The vagina is a naturally acidic environment. Acid kills sperm. CM actually protects the sperm from the acids in the vagina and will carry the sperm towards the fallopian tubes to find an egg ready for fertilization. Additionally, cervical mucus will slow down and damaged or abnormal sperm and prevent them from reaching an egg, giving you the best chance for a healthy baby.

Click here for more information on Cervical Mucus and how to check it.

What is Hostile Cervical Mucus?

Hostile Cervical Mucus, or HCM, is cervical mucus that is too thick to allow sperm through it and into the cervix. Obviously, if sperm is not getting into the cervix, your chances of pregnancy is greatly hampered. HCM is a problem often associated with the use of the fertility drug Clomid.

Why it might not work.

While Robitussin may help is some cases, fact is Hostile Cervical Mucus and Cervical Mucus problems are not a leading cause of infertility. Click here to see the leading causes of infertility in men & women.

But, most women who have difficulties TTC are willing to try just about anything. And, for such a low price, taking a few spoonfuls of Robitussin each day really doesn't seem that drastic, even if there is only a small chance it will help.


The recommended dosage seems to vary depending on what site you look at. But most recommend three doses of 200mg per day for the 5-7 days before ovulation. It is also recommended that it be taken with a full glass of water.

Some people recommend taking only one dose at night, others say take the maximum listed on the bottle. But, most agree that you should stop taking it after ovulation.

As always, it is probably best that you check with a doctor before starting any new regime, especially if you are taking any other medications.

Which type of Robitussin should I buy?

When purchasing Robitussin you need to look for one whose only active ingredient is Guaifenesin. This one will probably say "Chest Congestion" on the label (see picture above) Any additional ingredients may actually hinder your attempts to conceive. It doesn't matter if you buy the Robitussin brand or a generic equivalent. Just be sure to check the medical ingredients to verify the contents.

Regular strength Robitussin contains 100mg of Guaifenesin per teaspoon. Extra Strength has 200mg per teaspoon. When shopping I found that the extra strength was only $1 more for the same sized bottle as the regular strength syrup. For only $1 more you can effectively get twice as many doses out of the bottle. So, I opted for the extra strength generic brand.

I will be updating with my experience as it progresses.


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